Maid2Measure domestic professional bespoke cleaning services in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Steam Cleaning

We can provide a higher standard of deep cleaning using ordinary tap water to produce superheated dry steam. This system is environmental as it uses no chemical solutions, giving a sanitized, deodorized deep clean.

Steam cleaning is also proven to kill 100% of all dustmites and bacteria, so this is brilliant for asthma and allergy sufferers.

steam cleaning kitchenssteam cleaning kitchen tiles Steam cleaning is great for floors, tiles, toilets and sinks, fixtures, kitchens, windows, painted walls - the list is endless.


Why not treat yourself to a Steam Clean - satisfied customers have reported that their kitchen after the steam clean looked like someone had re-decorated, installed new units and flooring and put up new tiles! Well a new kitchen costs thousands - a 7 hour intensive steam clean is less than £100. At these prices you can get the feel of a new kitchen twice a year!


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